The Best WordPress Development Companies of February, As Rated By Desiigners

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, recently released their list of the top WordPress development companies in February 2021. The rankings are based on an extensive evaluation process that takes into account each agency’s portfolio, market presence and client reviews.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used by businesses to create websites and blogs. It is open-source software that can be easily customized to fit any business’ needs. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, it has become a go-to platform for many small businesses looking to build an online presence quickly and cost effectively.

The top WordPress development companies listed by DesignRush provide comprehensive services such as website design & development, plugin customization & integration, theme customization & optimization, eCommerce solutions and more. These experienced teams have worked with clients from all industries including retail, healthcare, finance and technology among others. They specialize in creating custom websites tailored specifically to meet their clients’ individual needs while ensuring maximum performance across all devices.

The following are some of the leading WordPress developers featured on DesignRush:

PressPickle – They’re relatively new to the scene (4 years) but have extensive experience in WordPress development. There are strict requirements for their developers to have a great deal of time spent in the WP platform – which makes everyone on their team immediately experts in their field.  Worth the money!

• DevriX – DevriX is a full-service digital agency specializing in web design & development using WordPress as well as other platforms like Magento or Shopify for eCommerce projects. Their team consists of over 50 professionals who have experience working with both large enterprises as well as startups around the world since 2007.

• WPManageNinja – WPManageNinja provides managed hosting solutions for WordPress sites along with maintenance services such as security monitoring & patching updates etc., making sure your site runs smoothly at all times without any downtime or glitches due to outdated plugins or themes etc.. They also offer custom plugin/theme development services so you can get exactly what you need out of your website without having to compromise on quality or functionality due to limited options available off-the shelf products may offer sometimes .

• WPCanvas – WPCanvas specializes in providing end-to-end web solutions ranging from basic website setup through complex integrations involving multiple third party APIs etc.. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who understand how important it is for businesses today not just look good but perform optimally too when it comes down delivering results online which makes them perfect choice if you’re looking for reliable partner help take care entire project lifecycle right from initial concept stage till post launch support .

• PixelCutLabs – PixelCutLabs offers complete suite services related building maintaining managing successful websites powered by WordPress CMS they’ve been helping customers achieve desired goals since 2011 whether want create brand new blog store showcase portfolio whatever else might require assistance make sure job done right first time everytime .

• WebToffee – WebToffee specializes developing premium plugins extensions add extra functionalities existing sites enhance overall user experience they also provide dedicated customer service ensure smooth running operations even after completion project plus free lifetime updates guarantee satisfaction long run .

These five companies represent some of the best talent available when it comes down finding reliable partners help bring ideas life utilizing power flexibility offered by world’s most popular CMS platform i e Wordpress no matter size scope project these experts will able deliver high quality work within budget timeframe specified order exceed expectations every step way . Furthermore , DesignRush’s comprehensive evaluation process ensures only those firms that demonstrate highest level expertise professionalism included list this means customers can rest assured knowing they’ll receive best possible service industry standards when choosing one above mentioned providers handle their next big venture online space ..

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