Submit Your Block Art Celebrating WordPress’ 20th Anniversary to the Museum of Block Art

The Museum of Block Art is celebrating WordPress’ 20th anniversary with a call for submissions. The museum, which was founded in 2018 by the WordPress Foundation, aims to preserve and celebrate the history of WordPress through art.

This year marks two decades since Matt Mullenweg released the first version of WordPress on May 27th 2003. To commemorate this milestone, the Museum of Block Art is inviting artists from around the world to submit their work that celebrates or reflects upon this momentous occasion.

The museum will accept any type of artwork related to WordPress including paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital artworks and more. Submissions should be inspired by some aspect of WordPress such as its community spirit or its open source ethos but can also explore themes such as creativity and innovation within technology or how it has changed our lives over time.

Submissions must be received no later than June 30th 2021 and all entries will be judged by an expert panel made up of members from across the global WordPress community including developers, designers and content creators. The winning entry will receive a cash prize along with recognition at an event hosted by the Museum in August 2021 where they will have their artwork displayed alongside other pieces submitted for consideration during this call for submissions period.

In addition to showcasing works from individual artists, The Museum Of Block Art is also looking for organizations who are interested in sponsoring exhibitions that focus on specific aspects or moments within Wordpress’s history over these past twenty years – whether it’s a particular feature release or major event like WordCamp US 2019 – so if you know someone who might be interested please do get in touch!

The Museum Of Block Art hopes that this call for submissions helps bring together people from all walks of life who share a passion for creating beautiful things using technology while also celebrating one another’s achievements throughout these past two decades – something we could all use right now! So don’t hesitate – send your submission today!

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