WordPress 6.2 RC 2 Removes Navigation Panel from Site Editor

WordPress 6.2 RC 2 was released today, and it includes a major change to the Site Editor: the removal of the Navigation Panel. This panel allowed users to quickly add new pages and menus to their sites without having to leave the editor.

The decision to remove this feature from WordPress 6.2 was made by developers in order to simplify the user experience within Site Editor and make it easier for users who are just getting started with WordPress. The team also felt that this feature wasn’t necessary as most users would be able create navigation elements using other tools such as widgets or customizer options instead of relying on a dedicated panel within Site Editor.

In addition, there were some technical issues with the Navigation Panel which caused performance problems when editing large sites, so removing it should help improve overall performance in those cases as well.

The good news is that while this feature has been removed from WordPress 6.2, it will still be available in older versions of WordPress via plugins or themes if needed (though we recommend updating your site whenever possible). Additionally, developers have indicated that they may bring back some form of navigation functionality at a later date once they have had time to evaluate how best to implement it into Site Editor without compromising its usability or performance goals.

In addition to removing the Navigation Panel from Site Editor, WordPress 6.2 RC 2 also includes several bug fixes and improvements related mainly around accessibility features such as keyboard navigation support for list tables and improved color contrast ratios throughout various admin screens; these changes should make working with WordPress more accessible for everyone regardless of their abilities or disabilities.. There are also several minor updates related mostly around code quality assurance measures like coding standards compliance checks and automated tests which should help ensure better stability going forward when releasing future versions of WordPress core software updates .

Overall, while many people may miss having access to quick page/menu creation within Site Editor due its removal in version 6-2-RC-2 ,the decision makes sense given its potential impact on usability & performance plus there’s always hope that similar functionality could return at some point down line after further evaluation & development work . In meantime though ,users can take advantage all other great features included latest release including enhanced accessibility options & improved code quality assurance measures .

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