WordPress Gears Up for 2nd Women and Nonbinary Release Squad

WordPress is gearing up for its second Women and Nonbinary Release Squad, a group of volunteers dedicated to helping make WordPress releases more inclusive. The squad was first formed in 2019 with the goal of increasing diversity within the WordPress community by providing support and guidance to women and nonbinary people who are interested in contributing to WordPress releases.

The team consists of experienced developers from around the world who have volunteered their time and expertise to help ensure that all voices are heard during each release cycle. This includes reviewing code changes, testing features, writing documentation, creating tutorials, giving feedback on design decisions, and much more.

In addition to providing technical assistance during each release cycle, members of the squad also work together on initiatives such as improving accessibility standards for plugins and themes; developing resources for new contributors; advocating for better representation among core contributors; organizing events like WordCamps; promoting diversity-focused meetups; running mentorship programs; hosting hackathons focused on inclusion issues; participating in outreach efforts aimed at underrepresented communities; and working with other organizations that share similar goals.

The squad has already made great strides towards achieving its mission since it was founded last year. For example, they’ve helped create an official Code Of Conduct document which outlines expectations for behavior when interacting with others within the WordPress community. They’ve also worked hard to increase awareness about gender bias in open source software development through various campaigns such as #WomenLeadWP which encourages female leadership roles within WordPress projects.

As part of their ongoing commitment to making sure everyone feels welcome in the WordPress community regardless of gender identity or background, members of the Women & Nonbinary Release Squad will continue working together over this next year towards furthering their cause even further – including expanding their reach beyond just core releases into other areas like plugin/theme development too!

With so many talented individuals coming together from different backgrounds around the world united by a common goal – it’s clear that this initiative is only going from strength-to-strength! So if you want to get involved or find out more information about how you can contribute then please don’t hesitate – head over now and join us today!

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