CertifyWP Launches WordPress Management and Design Credential

CertifyWP has launched a new credential program to help WordPress professionals demonstrate their expertise in management and design. The certification is designed to recognize the skills of those who have mastered the fundamentals of managing, designing, and developing websites with WordPress.
The certification process consists of two parts: an online exam that tests knowledge on topics such as security, performance optimization, user experience design principles, and more; and a practical project where applicants must create a website using WordPress. Applicants will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the requirements for both components.
Once certified, individuals can use their credentials to showcase their proficiency in WordPress management and design. This could be beneficial for those looking to find employment or freelance opportunities within the industry as well as for businesses seeking qualified personnel for projects involving WordPress development or maintenance. CertifyWP also offers continuing education courses so that certified professionals can stay up-to-date with best practices in web development and keep their certifications current.
CertifyWP’s mission is “to provide recognition for excellence in professional practice by providing an independent assessment of competency through rigorous examination processes” which they believe will lead to better outcomes when it comes to creating successful websites with WordPress. With this new credential program, they hope to empower individuals working with WordPress while helping businesses make informed decisions about hiring qualified personnel for projects related to this popular content management system (CMS).
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