Our Leadership

Developers by Trade

Colton Joseph

CEO & Founder

Colton’s background as a full-stack developer gave him the idea to combine performance hosting with optimization techniques to create a remarkable hosting platform.

Taylor Gray


Taylor comes in as the Chief Operations Officer with a background as a full-stack developer with an insanely large grasp on virtually every coding language including PHP, React, Swift, Python, C#, C++, Ruby, you name it.

Austin Winslow


Austin leads the process on the optimization side of our hosting service – as a WordPress developer since it’s inception in 2003, Austin has seen it all, knowing the ins and outs of the WP core framework and how to tweak it for speed.

Johnathan Taylor

IT Infrastructure Lead

Dwayne Virtullo

Systems & Server Lead

Vince Wagner

Developer Lead

Sorin Alekseev

Optimization Lead

Developers by Trade

Our team is comprised of dozens of members across the globe that provide customer support, WordPress expertise & more.  Every team member has experience not only developing in WordPress but designing, hosting & providing IT Support for a variety of CMS platforms.

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Expertise where it matters

WordPress is our life

Why would you choose WPBeam over a hosting platform like GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.? Well, one advantage is that we’re smaller and more nimble. Since we sell ourselves as the speed experts, we think load times and up-times are paramount.

Our team is stacked with WordPress masters – we only recruit and hire the best talent we can find. It’s an absolute minimum requirement to have 10 years of development practice within the WP framework to work at WPBeam, no exceptions.

Speed is king here. We conducted a study to compare raw load times with that of other industry leaders – we blew them out of the water. Our speed index was the fastest among all tested and on average over 2-3X faster than the competition. You can see the results below.

The costs of losing customers, hiring developers to fix issues, sitting on support chat with non-technicals, etc. is much higher than that of a hosting slot at WPBeam. We cater to a group of clients that wants to “set it and forget it”. Let us work on optimizing your site – while you focus on your business. Most hosting services are just that, a hosting slot on a server. WPBeam, on the other hand, is directly involved with optimizing your specific site.

We’ll be the first to say, we’re not for everyone. We limit what you can and can’t do with our interface – and that’s on purpose. We don’t provide full access to your environment because we are a fully-managed service and take great care in hand-crafting each environment setup for speed. More of a DIY individual? No problem! We encourage those interested to run their own server and optimize settings down the greatest detail – that’s a viable option for many.

But for those that don’t want to deal with the headache – we’re here to do it for you!

Built for Speed

Speed Experiment

Competitor Comparisons

We ran a test on various competitor hosting plans using the exact same demo site – here are the results in Speed Index (as scored by Google PageSpeed – U.S.).  Speed test conducted in June 2022.

WPBeam 0.54s
WPEngine 0.80s
FlyWheel 0.90s
SiteGround 1.04s
Dreamhost 1.41s
Bluehost 1.50s
GoDaddy 1.90s

Experiment Settings

WPBeam is fast

In this experiment, WPBeam showed speed performance nearly doubling the closest competitor and on average over 2-3X faster than the competition.

Working Together

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What Our Customers Think

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My site was originally hosted on GoDaddy and it was so incredibly slow I couldn’t even add new products. WPBeam saved my company (literally – I’m eCommerce) – my site loads so much faster and the hosting is worth every penny.
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I was on Siteground but had a never ending issues with my core web vitals and conflicts with their own plugins. Everyday my site will breakdown in terms of style and I was like a ping pong between SG and developer. I reviewed around 5 top hosting companies before I clicked a Google ad for WPBeam. I’m so glad to have found them. Since they do use the Google cloud so no need to comment on site speed. They, however, have a very personalized support system and their team went an extra mile to spend more than 2 days directly with me to fix every little detail on my side. Their customer service is so great and that’s something of the ultimate value. I really wish them success as they are putting so much effort and costs into customer satisfaction.
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I gave up on the cheaper hosting and since switching to WPBeam I’ve never been happier. Yes – it isn’t as cheap as GoDaddy or Bluehost – but if your business is your website like mine it is an absolutely necessary expense in my mind.
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Finding a decent webhost has been driving me crazy for months, finally stumbled upon WPBeam and my site now loads instantly. I signed up for the mid-tier package so that I never have to worry about updates or my site breaking again.
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My site was running at 7-10s on GoDaddy - WPBeam got me down to 4s. Worth it.
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WPBeam takes the headache out of hosting. I don't want to know anything about the problems happening with my host, just handle it for me! That's exactly what they do. Pay for peace of mind here.