Priced Out of API Access: Jetpack and Discontinue Support for Twitter Auto-Sharing

Jetpack and have recently announced that they will be discontinuing support for Twitter auto-sharing due to the increasing cost of API access. This means that users of Jetpack and will no longer be able to automatically share their posts on Twitter, as was previously possible with the plugin or service.

The decision comes after a series of changes made by Twitter over the past year which has seen them increase prices for API access, making it increasingly difficult for companies like Jetpack and to continue offering this feature without passing on additional costs to their customers. As such, both companies have decided that it is no longer feasible to offer this functionality at an affordable price point, leading them to discontinue support for auto-sharing on Twitter altogether.

This news has been met with disappointment from many users who relied upon the convenience of being able to automatically share their content across multiple platforms in one click – something which is now no longer possible with these services unless you are willing to pay extra fees associated with using third party APIs or plugins instead.

It’s important to note however that while auto-sharing may not be available through Jetpack or WordPress anymore, there are still other ways in which you can easily share your content across social media networks including manually sharing links via copy/paste or using dedicated plugins designed specifically for this purpose (such as Social Warfare). Additionally, some themes also come equipped with built-in social sharing buttons so if you’re looking for a more automated solution then this could be worth exploring too!

Overall it’s unfortunate that we won’t be seeing any more automatic cross platform sharing from Jetpack and WordPress but hopefully alternative solutions can help fill the gap left behind by these services going forward!
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