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Meraki Moon is an eCommerce site with over 300+ rolling products and dozens of pages.  This robust site has 43 active plugins including some heavyweights like WooCommerce. We reduced load times by over 4 seconds after migration.

Alo-Case was built from the ground up on our servers with speed as the focus.  Load times of 1.0s are almost unheard of – especially with high-res images, videos and 10 active plugins.  

Atlantic Park (a spinoff of monster General Atlantic) was designed as simple brochureware but with some backend extras for security and functionality.  This speedscore includes the loading of a video background header but is a rather simple design.

With over 80,000 posts at 3 months of being live – this monster news site may set the record for how many rows a WordPress database can handle.  The site also loads about 20+ images above the fold, among other things, making optimization crucial.

PlumThemes operates a marketplace for buying Elementor Site Kits.  Though they’ve just launched – their site is clean and well-layed out – we wanted to make sure their design didn’t fall victim to their speed as they were hosted on WPEngine prior.  WPBeam improved load times by 3 seconds.

This is a great case study to show the other end of the spectrum.  This site has many unnecessary plugins, bloat, old layers from older sites and much more slowing it down.  Above the fold we’re loading a full 2:44 trailer video – we’re still under 3s despite all that.

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