DesignRush’s List of the Best WordPress Development Companies in February

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, recently released its list of the top WordPress development companies in February 2021.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers more than 40% of all websites on the internet today. It’s used by businesses and individuals alike to create powerful websites without needing to know how to code or design them from scratch.

The DesignRush team evaluated hundreds of WordPress development firms based on their portfolio, market presence, client reviews and other criteria before selecting the best ones for this month’s rankings. The top 10 are:

1. WebFX –

2. Forix –

3. DevriX –

4 .Hudson Integrated –

5 .WisdmLabs – wisdmlabs . com / services / wordpress – development /

6 .Dev Technosys– devtechnosys . com / wordpress – website – development – company /

7 .Digital Silk– digitalsilkroadmedia . com / services / custom – wordpress – website – design 8 .WP Tangerine– wptangerine . com 9..Sparx IT Solutions– sparxitsolutions . com 10..PixelCutLabs– pixelcutlabs dot com

WebFX is a full service digital marketing agency offering comprehensive solutions such as SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing and more alongside their WordPress Development Services which include theme customization & integration; plugin installation & configuration; custom post types & taxonomies; eCommerce setup; API integrations and much more! They have worked with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across industries like healthcare, finance and retail among others since 1995! Their team consists of over 200 professionals who specialize in various areas including web design & development so they can provide you with everything you need for your project!
Forix is another great option when it comes to finding a reliable WordPress developer partner for your business needs! They offer end-to-end solutions such as strategy consulting; UX research & design; frontend engineering; backend engineering ; QA testing ; hosting support ; maintenance plans etc., along with specialized expertise in developing complex plugins , themes , APIs etc., using modern technologies like ReactJS , NodeJS , AngularJS etc., making sure that your project meets industry standards while also being cost effective ! Additionally they also provide 24*7 customer support ensuring that any issues related to your site are resolved quickly ! DevriX offers professional WordPress Development Services tailored specifically towards helping businesses achieve their goals through well designed sites built using latest technologies such as HTML5 , CSS3 , PHP7+ etc., Their experienced developers have extensive knowledge about different aspects related to building successful online presences including SEO optimization techniques so you can be sure that your site will rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Furthermore they also provide ongoing maintenance plans which ensure smooth functioning even after launch date ! Hudson Integrated Agency provides comprehensive solutions ranging from branding identity creation right up till deployment along with expert advice regarding user experience (UX) designs which help make sure visitors get maximum value out of visiting your site ! Moreover they use cutting edge tools like Adobe Creative Suite 6+ combined with advanced coding languages like JavaScript ES6+ so you can rest assured knowing that all projects delivered by them meet highest quality standards possible ! WisdmLabs specializes in providing customized solutions according to specific requirements while keeping costs low due diligence process ensures only most suitable solution gets implemented thus saving time money both at same time Additionally they also offer training programs dedicated towards teaching users how manage maintain their own sites if desired Digital Silk Road Media focuses primarily creating visually stunning yet highly functional websites utilizing latest trends technology This includes features such animations parallax scrolling video backgrounds interactive elements sliders carousels WP Tangerine has been around since 2009 providing wide range services related designing developing maintaining managing Word Press powered sites With over 100 completed projects under belt this firm boasts some biggest names tech industry amongst its satisfied customers Sparx IT Solutions specializes delivering robust secure scalable applications within stipulated timeframe addition core competency area i e software application Pixel Cut Labs helps build beautiful engaging mobile friendly responsive websites leveraging power CMS platform Alongside basic features mentioned above these guys specialize creating multi language portals integrating payment gateways setting up membership systems implementing security measures

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