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The 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is sure to be an exciting one. With the new format, teams will have more opportunities than ever before to make it into the tournament and compete for a national championship.

This year’s tournament will feature 68 teams from across the country, including 32 automatic qualifiers and 36 at-large selections. The selection committee will use a variety of criteria when selecting teams for the tournament, such as strength of schedule, record against top 25 opponents, RPI rankings, and overall performance throughout the season.

The first round of games will take place on March 16th with all four regions playing their opening round games simultaneously in eight different cities around the country. From there, each region will play its second round games on March 18th followed by Sweet Sixteen matchups on March 22nd and Elite Eight contests on March 26th. The Final Four semifinals are scheduled for April 2nd with the National Championship game taking place two days later on April 4th in Indianapolis Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium.

As far as favorites go this year’s field looks wide open with no clear cut favorite emerging yet but some early predictions have Duke University leading most betting lines due to their strong recruiting class that includes five star recruits Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett who both look poised to make an immediate impact next season. Other contenders include Kentucky University who has been consistently competitive over recent years along with Michigan State University whose experienced roster could prove dangerous come tournament time if they can stay healthy throughout conference play.

Additionally Gonzaga University looks like they could be a dark horse contender after making it all way to last year’s final four while Kansas State is also looking like a potential sleeper pick after finishing last season ranked number three in both major polls despite not having any players selected in either NBA draft this past summer .

As we inch closer towards tip off day many questions still remain unanswered about which team or teams might emerge victorious come April 4th but one thing is certain: This year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament promises to be full of surprises as fans eagerly await what should be an unforgettable event filled with excitement from start to finish!

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