Survey Shows Mastodon Gaining Momentum Among WordPress Tooters

Mastodon, the open-source microblogging platform, is becoming increasingly important to the WordPress community of “tooters”. This is according to a survey conducted by Toot The Word, an organization dedicated to promoting Mastodon and its use within the WordPress ecosystem.

The survey was conducted over two weeks in April 2021 and received responses from more than 1,000 people who identified as members of the WordPress community. It found that nearly half (45%) of respondents were already using Mastodon for some purpose related to their work with WordPress. Of those who weren’t currently using it, almost three quarters (72%) said they planned on doing so in the future.

When asked why they chose or plan on choosing Mastodon for their work with WordPress, many respondents cited its decentralized nature as a major factor in their decision making process. They also noted that it provides them with greater control over how they communicate online and allows them to connect directly with other users without relying on third-party services like Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, many felt that Mastodon’s focus on privacy was attractive compared to other social media platforms which often have lax security policies when it comes to user data protection.

In addition to being used for communication purposes within the WordPress community, many respondents also reported using Mastodon for content creation and sharing purposes such as blogging or podcasting about topics related to web development or design. Others mentioned that they had begun hosting events such as meetups or conferences through Mastodon due its ability facilitate real-time conversations between participants located all around the world simultaneously – something not possible through traditional methods like Zoom calls or Skype chats alone.

Overall, these findings suggest that there is growing interest among members of the WordPress community towards incorporating tools like Mastodon into their workflow – both professionally and personally – which could lead us down a path where we see more widespread adoption of this type of technology across different industries in general going forward . As organizations continue looking for ways increase collaboration while maintaining secure communications channels , solutions like this may become even more popular than ever before .

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